Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Uniondale is known for its ghost lady. This was a terrible story and the local people are touched by it.

During a weekend in the bitter cold at the time of 1968 there was a young couple that were involved in a car accident about 25 kilometers from Uniondale. The woman was sleeping at the back, she was wearing a dark blouse and long pants and had long dark hair. Her fiance lost control of the car in stormy weather. She was killed.

The first time this Uniondale lady came back as a ghost was during the Easter weekend of 1976. The ghost was described just like the unfortunate girl killed a few years before. Since then many people had experienced the same sightings. According to witnesses sightings are characterised by a female hitchhiker who receives a lift, car doors that open and close at the site of the accident, a shrill laugh, a chilliness in the car and the total disappearance of the ghost.

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